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Blood of Winter (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1
Shyness of Heart
    Kai awoke to the sound of a crackling fire and someone softly breathing in the background. His head felt blurry as if a headache wanted to add to his already sore body. Something heavy and soft covered Kai's body as he tried to figure out his surrounding without opening his eyes. Wherever he was it was mildly dark, and the air was warm as well as thick with the smell of a wood fire and ink. The sound of footsteps drawing closer made Kai's body shiver as he finally opened his eyes. 
    "H-huh? Oh... You're awake?" a voice spoke out. It was a lot calmer now but had a familiar ring to it.
    "W-who... Are you?" Kai managed to speak out before feeling a tickle in his throat. He moved his left arm out from what was actually a fur blanket, to cover his mouth as he coughed.
    "The Name's Zane... Would you like some water?" Zane asked, knelling down ne
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Kai: Lost Souls (Chapter 7 Part 1)
    It would be like every other time Kai came to see Moonren again, it would always start with a warm bath together, then a few jokes about making love before exchanging only a kiss before curling up together and telling stories. After that they would sleep only to wake up the next morning to go hunting for breakfast, followed by more chatter and doing other monotone things. But it was different, for the first time in 20 years it was different. Kai found himself constantly in Moonren's feathers, in her grasp, or being held tightly. Her eyes held some sort of emotion that Kai couldn't put a talon on as he was mostly lost in thought. There was a calm silence between them as Moonren climbed into her hot spring with kai on her back, He quickly hopped off her back and onto shore, shifting from dragon form to human form as he did so. He pulled his coat, shirt, jeans, socks and boots off before slipping the rubber fake skin over his metal arm to protect it. He did this every
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Okay seriously, 213 watchers, gosh can i just say how I've never expected to reach this point. Like, ever. 
This is something new to me as i haven't done a contest before so please bear with me on this.

First i'll star off with the rules, give you the guide lines and then show prizes you can get! 

Bullet; BlueRulesBullet; Blue

  1. When drawing make sure its SFW (Safe For Work) I will not accept anything sexual.
  2. Do not fight with anyone in the comments.
  3. Do not whine if you don't win, be a good sport.
  4. If you wish to add gore/dark themes/images you may so long as you keep the gore/imagery to a minimum.
  5. New watchers are welcome! Just please don't join just for the contest. Watch me if you like my art!
  6. You can only make an entry for ONE (1) Primordial. 
  7. Please try and make logical colors for the characters. (ie. Nerroth being Primordial water would probably have blue)
  8. Other than that please have a good time :) (Smile)
  9. Be sure to put your own artistic twist on the descriptions :D (Big Grin)
  10. Please be sure to enter/place your entries under the right comments regarding your primordial!

Bullet; RedDesign Me!!Bullet; Red

Here we get to the fun part! These are the Primordials you may choose form.
Primordial DreamRainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!
 -Names: Dream, DreamWeaver, Insomnia, Daywalker.
 -Gender: None, Goes by She, Her, They, Them. 'Creator'
--Main form: Usually is said to be a long serpent-eqs being with 6 arms, Two pairs on her chest and one pair where one would expect wings to be. A long flowing mane from her neck and large elegant fins on her tail and back. Her very front arms have matching fins to her back and tail, while her other arms has small tufts of fur on the elbows. 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!INSOMNIA ENTRANTSRainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!

Primordial FireBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red
 -Names: Magmus, Aortis, Hades.
 -Gender: Male
--Description: Covered in flames Magmus looks like a force to never be reckoned with. His long tail becomes nothing but lava at the end which can be flung out as an attack. His lower jaws goes slightly over his top jaw in an under-bite, making his two large canines look more like fancy tusks. His head has four horns, two larger ones and two smaller ones. His thin wings amazingly support flight. His back is dotted with small lava spikes.
Bullet; RedAORTIS ENTRANTSBullet; Red

Primordial EarthBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black
 -Names: Goliath, Golem, Gigan.
 -Gender: None, goes by They, Them.
--Description: Appears to be covered in stoney plates and spines around their joints and jaw hinge. Has more of an underbite than Magmus with a bottom jaw that opens up and splits apart in a 'Y' shape. Their body is too heavy to facilitate flight, but they do have wings. Appears to have a 'crown' of horns.
Bullet; BlackGOLEM ENTRANTSBullet; Black

Primordial WaterBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue
 -Names: Narrith, Nerroth, Pisces.
 -Gender: None, goes by He, Him.
--Description: A sea serpent at its finest, a beast of no control and a fearsome attitude. Nerroth has fins on his elbows, ankles, one on his chest and one that spans his body from his forehead to his tail. His tail has a second fin on the bottom to help steer and power through the water. He has four whiskers, two long ones and two shorter ones. All are tipped with a bioluminescent 'bulb'. He has bioluminecent spots on his underbelly and a few small spots on his back. 
Bullet; BlueNERROTH ENTRANTSBullet; Blue

Primordial AirBullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow
 -Names: Zephyr, Gale, Gallwing.
 -Gender: Female
--Description: A long spindly body that makes her appear weak and skinny. Zephyr in fact has wings but likes to float around as much as she does actually gliding. She has small frills on her back and elbows, her hind toes are webbed. Her tail has two frills. Her head is an arrow shape with 2 horns adding to her aerodynamics.
Bullet; YellowZEPHYR ENTRANTSBullet; Yellow

Primordial LifeBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green
 -Names: Marimara, Gaia, Mother Nature
 -Gender: Female
--Description: Gaia is a motherly being and has a slim appearance, making her graceful. She has two small horns and a short snout. Almost looks like a cat dragon hybrid with a bit of owl features (big eyes and tiny 'feather horns'). She can fly with feathered wings.
Bullet; GreenMARIMARA ENTRANTSBullet; Green
Primordial LightBullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange
 -Names: Zerek, Harmony, Sol.
 -Gender: Unknown, Considered female by the others.
--Description: Brightly colored and usually giving off a shinning glow she can be lost when shinning too brightly. She has a decent build and resembles a normal dragon with some sharp looking spines down her back. Her body appears speckled.
Bullet; OrangeHARMONY ENTRANTSBullet; Orange

If you'd like to add their powers they are described below.

Insomnia-Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!
Powers: Creator of everything. Manipulates Dreams and thoughts, especially how one can see the world.
Abilities: Phase through matter, floats instead of flies. Immortal. Can take the form of anything and everything.

Aortis-Bullet; Red
Powers: Fire bending.
Abilities: Flight, super heating objects or entities. Able to heat things up by a simple touch, can be millions of degrees or just enough to make someone warm.

Golem-Bullet; Black
Powers: Earth bending.
Abilities: Can generate protective barriers, able to create any material they wish. Even gemstones.

Nerroth-Bullet; Blue
Powers: Water bending, Blood Bending.
Abilities: Being able to control both blood and water Nerroth is able to Control organisms with blood and make them his puppets. He can Fly but mainly prefers swimming. Can even will someone's heart to stop beating if he so chooses. Can freeze things with the water he controls.

Zephry-Bullet; Yellow
Powers: Air bending.
Abilities: Flight/Floating. Can will air into those that are drowning, giving them some extra time to escape the water.

Marimara-Bullet; Green
Powers: Control over life and the living.
Abilities: Can breathe life back into something that hasn't been dead for longer than a few hours. Helps things grow and heal. Flight.

Harmony-Bullet; Orange
Powers: Light manipulation.
Abilities: Being in control over light helps Harmony easily light up dark rooms. It also helps her tell the difference between a 'good' soul and a 'bad' soul as he light will change colors when 'touching' the aura of another organism.

Deadline: May 1st 2017

Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; WhitePRIZESBullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White

Remember that each character gets its own Winner and honorable mentions!

Winners for each Primordial

You'll get
A fullbody piece with shading and a background
Happy tears by UmbreAnimatronic
and an Unrestricted Falsewing myo
Check out myo info here: Falsewing MYO holders

(5) Honorable Mentions

(for each Primordial!)
You'll get
A flat color Headshot
(P) The water bearer by UmbreAnimatronic
a Normal Falsewing Myo
check out myo info here: Falsewing MYO holders

Thank you all! And good luck drawing!


UmbreAnimatronic's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Give a Llama, Get a Llama Stamp by SpyriTomorrow

Panic .:Animated Pixel:. by FineThingsInLife

Hey, i'm just an average artist from the usa.
Call me Umbre!

I mostly draw dragons, humans, and sometimes closed species.
i draw both digitally and traditionally, as well as try my hand at other crafts as well!
I love to write stories, so if your interested, i have a comic going on in my gallery, go have a look!

If you like music and want inspiration i hope these songs help!…………

i'll keep adding to that list.

That is nerd
She is a really big nerd

To do list:
Progress Key:
:bulletred: = Sketching
:bulletblack: = Linearting
:bulletpurple: = coloring
:bulletyellow: = adding finishing touches (shading, animation etc.)
:bulletgreen: = finished
-Work on Kai's ref :bulletblack:

Clay Mudwing Bounce by IceOfWaterflock Sunny Sandwing Bounce by IceOfWaterflock Peril Skywing Bounce by IceOfWaterflock Starflight Nightwing Bounce by IceOfWaterflock Tsunami Seawing Bounce by IceOfWaterflock Glory Rainwing Bounce by IceOfWaterflock


When your mother makes comments on when you're glued to the computer of weekends.
Me: Fuck you mom weekends are for doing NOTHING.
My body: starts freaking out and causing me to sweat and have stomach pains.
My mother: GO DO SHIT* 
Me: NO takes laundry down and starts a batch
My body: BACK PAIN x100
Mother: resumes doing whatever the fuck she was doing the entire day
Me: Fuck you

Why i hate people
*basically what my mother says to me constantly even though she knows i'm constantly stressed and just wrong in so many ways.
anyone interested if i make a contest?
just curiously thinking.
205 watchers, gosh i never would have expected to get here. I wanna do something special and  think a contest is an order :D
I'm making character cards
Preveiw by UmbreAnimatronic

P.s. if anyone wants one when i'm done with Kai i might open them up as commissions???? Comment if good idea???

(the silhouette of kai's dragon form might be my new watermark BECAUSE DAMN IT ITS BUTIFUL)…
What do you do?
>Stare off into space


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